Playtime, walks, and love for your dog (and kitties, too)...


Playgroups are one-hour long, supervised play sessions at local dog parks.  This gives your dog a chance to socialize with other pups while getting in a good dose of exercise and fun.

Each playgroup consists of 3 to 4 dogs.  The opportunity to run with a pack can have many benefits for dogs of all ages and personalities.  Puppies pick up doggie etiquette from their more seasoned playmates, and adult dogs enjoy regular socialization with their favorite dog park buddies.  Even shy dogs become more confident by being in the company of other dogs on a consistent basis.  Because each dog is different, we work closely with owners to ensure that all of our charges are getting what they need.  We try to incorporate a little bit of training into each session, and tailor our work to each dog.

Dogs are inherently social and active creatures.  Our experience has shown us that frequent playgroups are a great way to keep dogs fit, friendly, and tired at the end of each day.  

*A minimum of 2 playgroups per week is required. 


Walks--$20/30minutes $25/45minutes $30/60minutes 

Walks are a good option for dogs who prefer a jaunt around town to a group park outing.  It’s important to us to find a pace that works for each dog, and we vary our walks so that we’re not seeing the same sidewalk everyday.  We will also work on attention and loose leash walking skills during our walks as needed.  Our goal is to make sure your dog gets the exercise and attention they need while also getting in a good dose of sniffing and exploring.   

*Right now, we're primarily only taking on pups who can go for small group walks with one to two other dogs.  We keep the dog to handler ration low so that our dogs can get both social time with a canine walking buddy, and plenty of attention from their walker.  Our solo walks are mostly full, though feel free to check in if you have any questions.  


Dog Sitting 

  *Our sitting/boarding service is offered to our existing Playgroup & Walking clients only. 

Whether you are looking for overnight stays or scheduled check-ins, pet sitting is tailored to each animal’s needs and includes daily walks and/or park trips.  Depending on the dog, we may also make weekend trips to nearby hiking and swimming locations.  Contact us to discuss how we can help.

Please inquire about rates for overnights.


Cat Sitting

We’re also available for cat sitting in Somerville and Medford.  Though dogs are the main focus of our business, we love our kitty clients, too!  We offer 30-45 minute visits during which we can clean/change the litter box, refresh food and water, and offer some company while owners are away.  Contact us for rates.