Some thoughts from our clients...

Jordan and the Neighborhood Paws crew are simply the best. They are not only the most amazing dog caretakers but truly have become an integral part of our family.  Since the day we brought Ripley home at 8 weeks, they have cared for him, played with him, loved him and made sure he grew into an exceptional doggie citizen with positive training.  Ripley gets excited when they show up each weekday to take him to the park, and on weekends often goes to the door at 11:00 a.m. wondering why his friends have not come to get him yet!  And ever since Ripley got to have a sleepover at Jordan’s when we were away, he now tries to drag us down her street to her house when we go out on walks.  Ripley obviously loves them just as much as we love her and her team!  

As a first time dog owner they have also been super helpful to our family giving guidance and advice on training tips, tips on how to deal with an upset puppy tummy (go pumpkin!), herbal remedies for insect bites, invites to local dog events and more.    

On more than one occasion when I’ve had Ripley at the park on a weekend, people at the park who see him there every day with Jordan have come up to me and told me how wonderful Ripley is as a dog and how much the Neighborhood Paws team adores him.  Nothing could say more to about how awesome they are (and makes us feel happy) knowing that he is in such good hands when we cannot be with him. 

      -- Kate, Dan and Ripley

Meeting Jordan and finding Neighborhood Paws are the best things to happen to us since we adopted our little Penny last year!

We were so excited to adopt our little Jack Russel/Beagle mix, but she came with quite the trauma history.  When we were looking for a dog walker, we wanted someone who understood Penny's complex behaviors and could help keep her comfortable. Jordan went above and beyond. Penny developed an instant connection and love for Jordan, and Jordan provided us many ideas on how to work with Penny to make her comfortable and help her adjust to her forever home.

Jordan and her crew provide multiple, individual walks for Penny each week.  Jordan even offered us the possibility of providing Penny a chance to develop her skills with other dogs, by having a small group walk.  Jordan picked dogs who would be safe with and for Penny, and has helped her develop her puppy social skills.  

Jordan has also been amazingly available and flexible with our changing schedule. She is communicative, caring, and so helpful with any questions we have. She is an expert in dog behavior, and clearly tunes into each and every dog she works with.  We are now beginning dog training with Jordan - and just like everything else, it's amazing!

Jordan and Neighborhood Paws have been such a wonderful addition to our dog-owning lives, and we couldn't be more happy to have found such a stellar business and owner! Thanks Jordan and Neighborhood Paws! We don't know what we'd do without you! 

                                     --Julie, Laura & Penny Pencil


Jordan and Kara are a dog-owner’s dream come true. Absolutely without fail they have been responsible, dependable, and easy to work with: in almost a year of walking my dog 4-5 times a week, they have literally never cancelled a walk, and have come in rain, snow, sleet and ice. They have been cheerful and accommodating with my changing schedule, and incredibly organized in making sure they are on top of it. However the most important thing to say about them is that they are also my dog’s dream come true. “Lola” is a very sweet, funny dog, but it takes a special person to really “get” her—and Jordan and Kara definitely do. I have a few times been home when they come to walk her, so I’ve seen her literally leap into the air (and she’s 11!) with happiness to see them. They are patient and sweet with her very leisurely pace and occasional aggression with other dogs, and I know she loves all the time she spends with them. I really cannot say enough good things about Jordan and Kara’s dog-walking service: the only thing I wish was that I could take them with me when I move!

                                                                               --Annie & Lola


Any dedicated dog owner knows the worry that surrounds choosing someone (or somewhere) to take care of your dear doggy while you are away. Will he get enough exercise? Enough attention? Enough love? Will he come home smelling like a stinky kennel? My anxiety has disappeared now that I am lucky enough to have Jordan and Kara to rely on to take care of my pup Pimms while I am away. 

These two ladies shower Pimms with attention, love, and exercise. Their pet-sitting service means that Pimms gets to stay home - eliminating his anxiety and mine about being in a new place with a new routine. When I walk out the door for a trip, I know that within hours Jordan and Kara will be at my house to chill with Pimms, bring him along with their play groups - even take him to softball games and to the bookstore! And when I come home, Pimms is happy to see me, of course, but I think he misses Jordan and Kara a little more. 

I get updates from Kara and Jordan throughout their stay with Pimms, just letting me know he's having fun or asking me questions as needed. I trust these two women with my beloved Pimms and I trust them in my home. And you should too!

                                                                                     --Zoe & Pimms