It's every responsible dog owner's dream to have a dog that really is "human's best friend"― a dog that can walk through a crowd with ease, comes diligently when called, knows how to play well while respecting others, and is an overall wonderful canine citizen.

That's where we come in!

The trainers at Neighborhood Paws are dedicated to using positive reinforcement training techniques in all of their sessions, as we adhere to the LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive) approach to training.  We are committed to providing a training experience that is as informative for you as it is comfortable for your dog.  Our science-based dog training methods are engaging and easy to follow, allowing training sessions to be fun and rewarding for everyone involved. Your dog will be politely begging for more!


Our wonderful team of trainers have experience that ranges from general "Puppy K" to more complex leash reactivity issues.  We are 100% truthful in all of our assessments, and if for any reason we feel that we aren't able to offer our services to you, we'll happily make the necessary recommendations.  It is our mission to ensure that every dog is being trained properly and humanely, and will offer our expertise to you to the very best of our ability.

First-time consultation (30-40 min) - $25

not Sure Which training program is right for you and your pup? Sit down and chat with us! We’re happy to discuss options with you, and provide an in-person professional assessment

*consult fees will be added to all single session purchases*


Training Walks - $25 (30 min), $40* (60 MIN)

Training walks are completed during the day while you’re at work, or in conjunction with your trainer, depending on the issue at hand.  We are able to assist in issues such as pulling on leash when excited, mild leash reactivity when seeing other dogs, long-line training, and more general leash walking good manners.  All initial consults will come with a general guide for recommended equipment.

Our 30 minute sessions are perfect for the city dog learning to comfortably navigate the busy sidewalks and urban streets. 60 minute sessions are ideal for dog owners who are interested in taking their dog off-leash hiking. These sessions focus on the benefits of using a long-line lead to establish strong recall and build trust with you and your dog.


Private Training (Basic Obedience) - (60 Min)*

The main focus of our program― private training sessions are conducted in the comfort of your own home with you, your family, and of course, your dog!  These sessions are available to puppies and adult dogs alike.  Each session will cover basic obedience topics that range from simple sits and downs, to more elaborate skills such as reliable recall and loose-leash walking.  With provided training guides and homework, your dog will be well on its way to becoming a well-trained, top-notch pup!

*all private training price agreements are made via Neighborhood Paws and Client. Individual pricing is dependent on the trainer. all payments should be made directly to Neighborhood Paws. Discounts for current clients are considered.

**single Sessions are available for booking, or (4) or (6) session packages are available. Each will be decided upon per agreement with trainer at the time of consult. Consult fees will be waived with the purchase of any package.